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The events industry is back in full force as restrictions have lifted from the Covid-19 pandemic and live events have returned. Venues ranging from hotels and convention centers to sports and entertainment stadiums are managing the influx of business and require event partners to be at their best.

With over 35 years in the event production and planning industry with key venue relationships and over 20+ years as the official partner to the Dallas Cowboys Football club (with nearly 250 events produced annually at AT&T Stadium and The Star in Frisco), Media West Events addresses five key areas essential to successful venue management:


Understanding the unique business of your venue can make your business invaluable and secure its place as a preferred partner. This requires the ability to form trusted relationships with multi-faceted departments - from executive teams and event presentation teams to sponsorship teams and venue operations teams. With strong interpersonal connections and knowledge comes repeat business and mutual success!

Strong Internal Network

As a preferred vendor to any venue, it is likely you will also have your own network to call on for specialty services. For small to midsize companies, it is critical to form a network of partners you trust and share reciprocal opportunities. From gear, rigging, scenic, signage, creative backdrops, decor, furniture and staging, pull together the best team to support client objectives. Accountability is everything to forming a trusted network.

Labor Management

The events industry has changed in this post-pandemic era, and therefore, so has the labor management pool in staffing events. There has been a huge increase in business now that restrictions have been lifted on large gatherings and events, but also shortfalls in both finding and retaining labor. It is more important than ever to attract and secure “regulars” for ongoing work who can get to know your business, expectations and contribute to reaching your goals. Offering competitive pay helps in securing good people.

Provide Added-Value

Turn your knowledge of your venue into added value by offering new perspectives and the most current technologies. Whether it is an area you are in charge of or not, offer insight to your venue to aid in the success of the client - no matter if it positively impacts your business or the business of others. Who better to generate ideas than those who live and breathe the space.

Turn your knowledge of your venue into added value by offering new perspectives and the most current technologies.

Shared Business

The event production business relies on a lot of moving parts. Ensure your expertise area is 100% but make sure to look at the bigger picture of success for the client (and for the venue) which could mean sharing business or relinquishing business. This approach will take your business further with your clients as well as establish goodwill with partners. It is almost guaranteed for business to come back around (and then some) with a shared business mindset and practice.

At the end of the day, knowing your venue is how you successfully harness your team, talent, knowledge, and expertise to produce the best and long-lasting impact for the venue fans, guests and attendees.


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