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Media West Events 5 Ways to Maximize Venue Events

In thinking about why some event memories stick with you, many times it’s because of the venue itself. Venue events elicit an emotional and physical connection with audiences gathered together in a meaningful space, whether an arena, stadium, convention center or campus. To achieve this impact, event production specialists need to know the venue intimately, understand logistical and technical needs and prepare well in advance.

“Our job is to produce this emotional response,” said Tricia Schneider, President of Media West Events. “Preparedness, expertise and relationships with venues is the key to success - not just for that one event, but for repeat business.”

Here are Media West Events’ five successful strategies to maximize venue events:

1. 360 Client Review

It’s always good practice to do a full 360 review after every event to ensure the best client service, executional process, custom approach and success metrics. We recommend taking into account the historical relationship, client goals, and review what went well and what can be improved. While the event is fresh, this can help the team capture key learnings to apply to future events.

Media West Venue Events

2. Six-Month Rule

Never underestimate the time needed for planning - from checking venue status and technical logistics to coordinating with operations teams. Planning at least six months in advance will save time and money. Make sure to consider specific timely elements such as if rigging is needed (which requires additional time for loading in) and if any extra staff or specialized technical gear is required. Adhering to a comprehensive planning schedule with ample lead-time will keep things running smoothly.

3. Tech Check

Technology is changing constantly year-to-year. For high quality production value, it’s imperative to have the necessary gear to support the audio/visual needs - from sound design, pyrotechnic, HD digital projection, high quality LED digital walls and custom lighting. At Media West, we’re dedicated to evaluating the right technology for the need versus just “selling” new technology that can often cost clients more.

"At Media West, we’re dedicated to evaluating the right technology for the need versus just 'selling' new technology that can often cost clients more."

4. Venue Logistics

Oftentimes venues have multiple teams, and logistics can be complicated with many moving parts. Consistent communication to understand venue updates such as special upgrades, construction or accommodations will help the event production partner meet and exceed expectations. Actively engaging in discussions about the venue is a must for effective staging, lighting, scenic, sound and visual needs. Utilize expertise from companies that have stellar track- records and relationships.

5. Staff-Up Early

As the event calendar starts to bustle over, make sure to have your core team staffed up and your periphery team scheduled for heavy pulses. Establishing great relationships with technical personnel and crew members should be top priority. Having a dedicated extended team can help go the distance, especially considering repeat event opportunities.

Venue events are some of the most exciting events for clients, employees, teams, communities and fans. Look to create customized experiences with event production partners like Media West Events that can take your event to a new level. Every. Single. Time.

Maximize Venue Events with Media West


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