Seven Steps to a Successful Virtual Event

7 C's of Virtual Events - Media West Events
1. Content

Fully define your objectives, then design your content. Be sure to vary your content in voice, type and delivery to keep your audience engaged.

2. Context

Develop staging, signage, badging and virtual backdrops that are branded and right for your event. Consider sound and user experience for the right context in which to deliver your content.

3. Community

Determine how your audience should gather, then create subsets, breakouts and special experiences accordingly. For example, is a VIP experience or small group discussion needed?

4. Customization

Don’t pay for bells and whistles you aren’t using. Be sure you’re working with a partner who understands your needs and customizes the platform for your objectives and budget.

5. Connectivity

Your virtual event is only as good as the upload speeds of your speakers and attendees. Be sure to check and rehearse from the site speakers will give their presentations from to test in advance.

6. Calibration

There are lots of ways to monitor engagement and analyze your event’s performance. Be sure to calibrate your efforts by spelling out metrics and measurements before your event is built so you have the right backend analytics, hashtags and social monitoring needed.

7. Call 303/ 356 – 0928

Call Media West for a fully customized event experience based on your objectives and budget. Media West Sr Account Exec Joe Hartman can help you make high impact and valuable connections with your most important audiences.